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The United States is providing another হাজার 4 billion in aid to Ukraine

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  • 11 May, 2022 14:11:36

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International Desk: The United States is providing another হাজার 4 trillion in aid to Ukraine. A bill to that effect was approved by the lower house of the US Congress on Tuesday evening. A Reuters report has given this information.

In the House of Representatives, 36 people voted in favor of the bill and only 56 voted against. The bill will now be sent to the upper house of Congress, the Senate, for approval.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve an additional ৩ 3.3 billion in aid to Ukraine. But U.S. lawmakers have decided to increase funding for military and humanitarian aid.

The aid package for Ukraine will include, 600 million in security assistance, including training, weapons and military equipment.

Meanwhile, US intelligence officials have warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine. It is feared that the conflict will not end soon. This information has been informed in a report of BBC.

Intense fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are trying to occupy the territory there. In the meantime, the United States has issued a warning.

Ukrainian troops have resisted Russian forces' attempt to seize the capital, Kyiv. Russia has since insisted on occupying the Donbass region. But U.S. intelligence officials say Russian forces are still at a standstill.

The director of the U.S. National Intelligence Service, Avril Haynes, told a U.S. Senate committee hearing Tuesday that Putin still wants to achieve his goals outside of Donbass. But Russia does not have the military capability to fulfill its ambitions.

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