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Find out some unknown features of iPhone 13

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  • 27 April, 2022 12:10:27

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News Desk: iPhone 13 series phones have some amazing features. However, most users are not aware of these features. So let's know about some unknown features of iPhone 13 series-

Reachability: iPhone 13 has a feature called Reachability. This accessibility feature is very helpful for those users whose fingers are very small. Even iPhone 13 Pro Max will be very easy to operate using this feature.

Drag and Drop: The drag and drop feature of the iPhone is hundreds of times better than Android. This feature allows users to easily drag pictures or text from one app to another. As a result, the feature will save users time.

Live Text Feature: It works by extracting text from images using optical character recognition technology. With this feature you can easily scan a picture and get text from there. Then you can paste that text in any app you want.

Back tap gestures: iPhone 13 users will be able to access multiple features through back tap gestures. You don't even have to tap the phone screen for that. IPhone 13 users will be able to take screenshots, turn the torch on and off. At the same time you can open the camera by tapping on the back panel of the phone again.

Reducing background sound: This feature can reduce the stress of the customer. Such information has come up from multiple researches. This feature can be activated from the device's accessibility settings.

Captions feature: The iPhone also has a nice feature like capturing pictures and videos. For that, just swipe the user's picture or video and it will go away. You do not need to download any other app to add text to pictures or videos.

App Hide: iPhone 13 users can easily hide any app. For that you have to click on the Remove App option of iPhone 13 and then select the Move to App Library option.

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