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Cars and houses can all be sold on the Facebook Marketplace

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  • 21 March, 2022 10:03:20

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News Desk: It is now very easy to sell old household items. Also, your unnecessary things can be used by anyone else. There are currently many recycling Facebook groups out there that can also sell unused items. But this time you can sell directly on Facebook without the help of any other group.

A few years ago, Facebook came up with a marketplace category for quick sales and buying. This section of Facebook is very popular for selling unused items at home online.

Another great advantage here is that you will have the opportunity to see the posts of local customers and buy the things you need. From smartphones, motorcycles to video games, cars, homes, everything will be available in the Facebook Marketplace.

Another great advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that there is no charge to sell here. Once the item is sold, Facebook Marketplace will ask buyers and sellers for ratings about their shopping experience in a different way. Having a good rating here can be an advantage to sell other things in the future. You will also get many more benefits from here.

Let's see how to sell items in Facebook Marketplace-

To do from the desktop-
> First go to your Facebook account from any browser.
> Click on the Marketplace icon at the top of the screen.
> Then select the Create new listing option on the left side of the screen.
> Now select the item you want to sell. Here you can sell any thing including car, house, mobile. Choose the right category.
> On the next page you have to give different information about the thing that you will sell.
> On the next page you will learn about the special ways used to attract customers. When finished, publish.

To do from mobile-
> Similarly, open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
> Login to your account.
> Select the Marketplace icon at the top of the screen and select the Sell option.
> Now choose the right category for the thing you want to sell. Do not sell or rent.
> Choose the Publish option with the correct information about the item that will be sold on the next page.

However, being listed on the Facebook Marketplace does not mean that anything is being sold. There are several common ways to attract buyers.

Use a bright picture of the thing you are going to sell first. Do not use any pictures downloaded from the Internet in the listing. Take a picture with your camera and upload that picture. Let us know if there are any stains or problems in the product. Also let us know first if you are interested in reducing the price. If you want to reduce the price, there is a possibility of getting more offers.

Once the buyer is found, confirm the price before meeting. Then meet the buyer at a place of your choice. Meet people in your neighborhood. You can transact online without paying cash. It is much less likely to be cheated.

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