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  • 21 March, 2022 10:02:23

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News Desk: The battery life of a smartphone depends on the charging method. If you charge the mobile according to the correct rules, the battery stays good for many days. And if the battery is good for many days, the mobile will also be good. However, each charger has different capabilities. Through which the charging speed is determined. But nowadays many smartphones do not have a charger with the box. Also the charger gets damaged as a result of many times use. In this case, there are a few things to keep in mind to choose the right charger for the phone.

Battery configuration

Multiple circuits are used to charge the phone battery. Also features like charging port, cooling technology, shut off of excess current supply play important role. If your phone has maximum 20W charging support, you will not be able to tell the difference using a 65W or 120W charger. Because a maximum of 20W charging support is used in the circuit of your phone.

The best charger

The charger that was given in the box when you bought your phone is the best charger for your phone. However, if you have bought a phone that did not have a charger in the phone box, then you can buy any charger with the maximum charging speed of the phone. But don't buy a charger from a local company, buy a good company charger. This will increase the life of your hobby phone.

What to do if there is no charger in the box?

If you have bought a smartphone that does not have a charger, go to the phone's website and see the maximum charging speed and buy a charger of that speed. It is not mandatory to buy a charger from the company that bought the phone. But avoid local company chargers.

Avoid fast charging technology

As a result of fast charging, the battery life of the phone starts to decrease rapidly. So even with fast charging, this technology has long-term problems. However, to increase the battery life, companies are now using two separate batteries in the phone. You can use 20-30W speed charger if you don't need fast charging. This will get you a good battery backup for a long time.

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