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The craftsmen are busy making mattresses in Chatmohar

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  • 14 January, 2022 11:57:04

Photo: CNI

Correspondent, Pabna: In the Chalanbil area including Chatmohar of Pabna, the people are suffering from bone-chilling cold and windy weather. The bone-chilling winter is going on in the Chalon-Bil area. Himel grew colder in the air with fog in the cold. It is not easy to see the sun in nature in the dark fog of the morning. The intensity of the sun has started to decrease in the Chalon-Bil area.

Dense fog has increased in the morning and evening, the sun is seen rolling during the day. People who are upset by eating are spending their days trying to prevent winter by burning straw. In the middle of Poush, winter is in full swing. Mattress makers are now busy all the time to cope with the winter. And the common man is ordering a mattress to protect him from the cold. Meanwhile, the price of coating cloth and cotton is a bit higher this time as compared to last year, so the customers have to pay extra money. Chatmohar handial area said. Sohail Rana Joy came to order the coating and said that even though he wore warm clothes all day in the bone-chilling winter, he had to wear kantha or sheets after evening.

And it has become impossible to sleep at night without a mattress. Even a few days ago it was less cold. Ashraful and Abdul Wahab, quilts makers in the Chatmohar railway market area, said the price of cloth and cotton was higher this time than last year. For this reason, buyers have to spend extra money to make upholstery. Zahidul Islam, owner of Sarkar Bastralaya in Samaj Bazar, said that at present the price of upholstery has increased by Tk 10 to 15 per yard. Besides, Shimul cotton is priced at Rs 450 to 600 per kg, corpus cotton at Rs 200 to 400 per kg, black hull at Rs 50 to 60 per kg, black rubbish cotton at Rs 30 to 50 and white cotton at Rs 60 to 150 per kg. Depending on the size of the mattress, a wage of Rs 400 to Rs 600 is being charged.

At present it costs two and a half to three thousand rupees to make a good quality coating. Besides, it costs three thousand to four thousand rupees to make a good quality mattress. He further said that due to the increase in cold wave, an average of 5 to 10 mattresses are being ordered every day. So I have to be busy all the time.

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