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Six lakh in one net!

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  • 11 January, 2022 11:21:56

Photo: Collected

Cox's Bazar Correspondent: Karim Ullah of Shahparirdwip coast in Teknaf found various species of fish worth Tk 6 lakh in one net. On Monday (January 10) at around 10 am, these fish were caught in the net of Md. Kalim Ullah at Shahpari Island Paschimpara boat dock.

Kalim Ullah said he had thrown a 'floating net' on the west coast beach on Monday morning. He was shocked when he went to pick up the net in the morning. With the help of Majhimalla and local people, one has to get a lot of speed to make the net. Later, with great difficulty, he lifted the net to shore

You can see that small poya, small faisya, big faisya, mala, knife, bata etc. are crammed with small species of fish. The trapped fish weighs about 300 pounds.

Badi Alam, a member of the net, said the fishermen were quickly catching the fish and selling them to wholesalers. Wholesale buyers bring some fish to market but send the rest to dry goods traders. I have sold fish worth Tk 6 lakh in one net. We also got fish worth 4 lakh rupees yesterday. More fish are being caught in the net this year than any other year. The fishermen of the coast are enjoying their day with a lot of fishing every day.

Paria Yasmin, a woman member of Sabrang Union Parishad and a resident of Shahparirdwip West, said, "I can see the fish myself when I hear the noise of the fishermen." The price of this fish is much higher. The fish were picked up on the shore and sold for 7 lakh rupees. "

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