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Actress Shabnam Faria is in love, hinted herself!

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  • 10 January, 2022 09:46:35

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Entertainment Desk: Small screen actress Shabnam Faria got married in love. Harunur Rashid tied the knot with Apu in February 2019. But the world lasted 1 year 9 months. Then they chose a different path.

A few days ago, Faria complained that her ex-husband Apu used to torture her. He decided to divorce after being overwhelmed by family life. However, Apu has refuted these allegations. Faria-Apu's past marital life has been much discussed and criticized. New rumors spread whether the resh was cut or not.

Shabnam Faria has fallen in love anew. She had recently returned from Cox's Bazar and St. Martin with her boyfriend.

This time a hint of love was found in a post of Faria. He posted two pictures on Instagram on Saturday (January 6). Pink-green fringed white sari. In the caption of the two photos taken with a sweet smile, the actress wrote, ‘Alia Bhatt has shown her boyfriend's photography skills by posting some of her photos taken by her boyfriend. So I thought, why don't I show off my skills by showing my monkey (monkey emoji)? Thank you monkey for helping to make my instafid more beautiful. '

Needless to say, on January 8, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt posted a few pictures. In the caption, she writes, "I showed my boyfriend photography skills."

Everyone knows that Ranbir Kapoor is Alia's boyfriend. Their love in Bollywood is an open secret. But who is Shabnam Faria, nicknamed 'Monkey'? The identity was not known.

Meanwhile, Farrier's Instagram can be seen, for a long time he has been giving credit to his various pictures to the 'Monkey' emoji. In other words, Faria is addressing the person who is uploading the pictures as a monkey on the internet. But the real identity of that monkey is still hidden.

Another issue is coming to the notice of netizens. That is the ring on the ring finger of Shabnam Faria. After parting with Apu, his hands were empty. However, the actress has been wearing a ring in Anamika for several months. Seeing this, many are thinking, not just love; Shabnam Faria has also changed the ring. However, the actress did not make any clear comment or announcement on these issues.

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