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Father Chairman, four children members

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  • 26 November, 2021 11:05:43

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News Desk: In Raipur of Laxmipur, father is participating in the election for the post of chairman and four siblings for member. Abdur Rashid Mollah has become the chairman candidate for the motorcycle symbol in Dakshin Charbangshi Union of the upazila. His two sons are campaigning for UP and two daughters for reserved members. The two brothers are competing in the same ward.

Their competitive campaign is going on. Abdur Rashid Mollah is the president of Uttar Charbangshi Union Awami League. Even if the party wants to nominate the current chairman Abu Saleh. Mintu Faraji has been nominated for the boat. Rashid Mollah was expelled from the party on 19 November after being deprived of nomination and holding a rebel election. According to locals, Rashid Mollah's son Zakir Hossain Mollah (football) and Didar Hossain Mollah (dragon) are competing for the symbol in ward 4 of the union. Daughter Tahmina Akter Jharna is in Ward No. 1, 2, 3 and Josna Begum is in Ward No. 6, 7 and 9. The symbol of the two is Mike. There are various rumors among the voters in the area about the election of 5 members of the same family. Also in Ward 4, Rashid Mollah's nephew Abu Sufian Mollah (Rooster) is voting as a member.

Some voters including Razzak Hossain and Riaz Hossain said that Zakir and Didar's two brothers are contesting for the post of member in this ward. The two of them are asking for votes from the voters. Their father is the chairman candidate He is also rushing to the people to get votes for himself. According to some women voters, the two sisters are voting from the reserved two wards. Like their sisters, their symbols are similar. The results of the vote will prove their popularity. Zakir Hossain Mollah said, voters are by my side. I got a huge response in the field. If there is a fair vote, I will be elected as a member. On the other hand, Didar Hossain Mollah said, the people own the voting right. I went to the polls on their advice.

I will stay till the end. In this regard, the chairman candidate Abdur Rashid Mollah said, there are many sacrifices for the party. But the team did not evaluate me. After getting response from the people, I went to the polls. If there is a fair vote, the people will elect me as the chairman. Asked about the children's election, Rashid Mollah said they have come to the polls to serve the people. They want to serve the people by proving themselves as public representatives. One of the means of selection. I have supported their initiative.

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