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Bangladesh is moving forward by overcoming hundreds of obstacles: Prime Minister

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  • 25 November, 2021 09:48:07

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News Desk: Commenting that the present government has not taken power as an object of enjoyment, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her conviction to build the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu's dream.

He said, "Bangladesh is moving forward today. We have had to overcome many obstacles in the way of this progress. The country is moving forward by overcoming hundreds of obstacles. We have to move forward. "

The Prime Minister said this while participating in the discussion on the 146th Rule proposal brought in the National Assembly on Wednesday (November 24).

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the proposal herself in Parliament on Wednesday (November 24). The proposal will be adopted unanimously on Thursday (November 25) after two days of discussions.

The Prime Minister said, "We have also made a perspective plan on how we want to see Bangladesh in 2041." We have adopted Delta Plan 2100 for the beautiful development of this deltaic island, with a view to ensure that Bangladesh and our generation after generation survive the effects of climate change. May those who live in this deltaic region have a beautiful life. May our future generations have a better life. They don't have to suffer anymore.

Referring to Bangabandhu's return to his homeland after independence, Bangabandhu Kanya said, "We were waiting for our father to come home." But we get Dad later. Before people get. The people were the biggest to him.

He said Bangabandhu's wish was to build the country. Decorate Bangladesh so that every person gets benefits. He had only three and a half years to change the fate of the people. He started working for the development of the country by adopting short and long term plans. He passed all the laws, rules and regulations from one province to another. '

Sheikh Hasina said, I have been running the country for a long time. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " I wonder how he could have done so much in such a short time. Took action in every case in the country.

The head of government said it was unfortunate that when he was building a war-torn country, some people seemed to be suffering from an instability. At that time all sorts of things, killing the elected members of parliament ... Pakistani forces surrendered. But they left some of their brokers as war criminals. They tried to create anarchy in the country by seizing part of our liberation war. They could not bear this progress of Bangladesh in such a short time. The Pakistani allies could not accept that the country would become independent and stand on its own feet.

Referring to various conspiracies during Bangabandhu's government, Sheikh Hasina said, "Father of the Nation was building the country by confronting the conspiracy of one clique." Let the country be self-sufficient, let no one lay hands on anyone. For that he gave the program of the Second Revolution. The rich decentralize power to eliminate inequality between the poor. Strengthens local government. If the Father of the Nation had survived, we would have reached the place of honor that we are in today. "

He said those who did not want Bangladesh to be in a dignified position as an independent country could not bear it. He was brutally killed on August 15, 1975, when he did not get the support of the people despite all kinds of propaganda. By killing him, coups, freedom fighters, killing of common people and constitution were repeatedly violated in the country. As a result, Bangladesh's progress has been hampered. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, we were turned into a nation of beggars.

Referring to the Awami League's takeover of power in 1996 and 2008, the Prime Minister said, "After 21 years, we get the opportunity to run the state by popular vote." We wanted to make the country self-sufficient. Will achieve self-sufficiency in food. Every sector including roads will be improved. The people have given us the opportunity to form a government by repeatedly voting with confidence and trust in us. Which is why today we are on the highway of development. In 12 years, Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country.

Highlighting the government's response to the Corona epidemic, he said millions of people had been vaccinated. There will be no shortage of vaccines. Many developed countries do not even provide free vaccines. Doesn't even test. But we are testing for free, giving vaccines. From rich to poor students, everyone is getting this vaccine. Everyone will. We will bring 80 percent of the people of the country under vaccination.

"We see power as an opportunity to serve the people," he said. I think it is an opportunity to change the destiny of the people. We have been able to reduce the poverty rate to 20 percent. Without the Corona epidemic, we could have reduced it to 16 percent. Corona has been disrupted at least a little bit. Even then the wheel of development did not stop us. We are the fastest growing country in South Asia in the global economic downturn. Bangladesh is one of the 41 economically strong countries. We are thus trying to continue our economic progress.

Sheikh Hasina said, "We have been able to achieve the vision of the 2008 election manifesto." We are moving forward as we are able to implement all the programs in a planned manner. We are able to celebrate the golden jubilee because the people have voted. The Awami League was also in power during the Silver Jubilee celebrations.

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