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Corona could kill another 700,000 people in Europe by March: WHO

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  • 24 November, 2021 15:29:49

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International Desk: Corona infections are on the rise across Europe. In the first few steps of the epidemic, the world leaders did not fail to try to stop the corona by introducing restrictions like lockdown, isolation, quarantine, social distance. This time, in the coming March, it may take a more terrible shape. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern. Corona could kill as many as seven million people, especially in Europe, by March, the agency said. As such, the death toll in Corona in Europe alone could exceed 2 million. News from the BBC.

Hans Klug, director of the World Health Organization's Europe branch, said the World Health Organization was "very concerned" about corona infections in Europe. The agency said the daily death toll in Europe stood at 4,200, nearly double the daily death toll in September. The total death toll in Europe, including the United Kingdom, has now exceeded 1.5 million. The WHO calls such a situation "extremely frightening". The situation in 25 of the 53 European countries is said to be "extremely worrying".

Effective measures are not yet visible to stop the spread of coronavirus in Europe, Austria, France and Germany. Austria, however, has again announced a lockdown. Meanwhile, ordinary people in countries are reluctant to comply with strict restrictions to prevent corona. As a result, protests and demonstrations are continuing in some European countries. There have also been incidents of violence. Several people have also been detained.

The United States has banned travel to Germany and Denmark as corona continues to rise in European countries. The country's infectious disease control agency (CDC) and the administration made the announcement on Monday (November 22nd), local time. Apart from Germany and Denmark, other countries in Europe are also included in the CDC list, such as Austria, Britain, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the situation and called for immediate action. Coronavirus infections have increased across Europe due to the type of highly contagious delta, they said. In addition, in many European countries, the organization sees the reason for the increase in infections as health regulations are relaxed.

Meanwhile, Israel has started vaccinating 5-11 year old children against corona. The United States has begun giving booster doses to older people. However, experts say there is no alternative to extra caution to prevent corona.

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