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Writ than half fare for students in vehicles

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  • 24 November, 2021 15:27:35

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News Desk: A writ petition has been filed in the High Court seeking directions to halve the fares of all types of public and private buses, launches and trains in Bangladesh for students across the country. Advocate Yunus Ali Akand filed the writ petition at the concerned branch of the High Court on Wednesday.

In the writ petition, the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Secretary of the Ministry of Shipping, the Secretary of the Bridges Department of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, the Secretary of the Ministry of Railways and the IG of Police have been made defendants.

The writ petition was filed by Justice M. Inayetur Rahim and Justice. The petitioner's lawyer said that a hearing could be held in the High Court bench comprising Mostafizur Rahman.

The lawyer said the bus fare was increased this month due to the rise in oil prices. The students have been demanding for a few days to increase the rent for half of the rent. In the last few days, there have been unfortunate incidents of transport workers with students demanding this in several places including Sciencelab and Farmgate in Dhaka.

According to BRTA sources, the owners of buses, trucks and other freight vehicles went on an unannounced strike in early November to demand higher fares due to the hike in diesel prices. The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), which is in charge of fixing bus fares, held a meeting with transport owners on November 8. The meeting also fixed the new increased fare. There was no discussion about half the student rent.

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