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If you do not turn on the Facebook Protect feature, the ID is off!

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  • 20 October, 2021 10:43:13

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News Desk: Users around the world are getting messages to 'protect Facebook' to keep their accounts safe. If you do not turn on this feature within the specified time, the Facebook account will be locked.

According to Facebook, a feature called Facebook Protect will have to be launched by October 28. If it is not turned on, the Facebook account will be locked.
If you enter Facebook to turn on this feature, the code will go to the user's number. After giving it, users will be able to run Facebook as before.
They have created a new feature to give extra security to several accounts, according to the Facebook website.

Those who can turn on this feature will be able to know it through Facebook. Those who fall under it will go to the settings of Facebook and go to the Security and Log-in option and will get an option called Facebook Protect. From there, the Facebook Protect option can be turned on.

Hackers are always interested in accounts that have a lot of followers, that manage important pages, or that have community significance. Facebook has requested the launch of this advanced security program to prevent such targeted attacks or intentional attacks.

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