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Dadan trader's case by putting 16 lakh in two lakh check!

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  • 01 October, 2021 18:33:03

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News Desk: In Mymensingh, the victims have given a press conference after being trapped by a Dadan (interest) trader named Abdul Jalil. The press conference was held at 12 noon on Friday (October 1) at the Mymensingh Press Club auditorium. The accused Abdul Jalil is the son of late Afsar Uddin of Raona Union in Gafargaon upazila of the district.

The victim Abu Naser Sarkar read out a written statement at the press conference. He said, "I have disappeared after the wrath of Abdul Jalil, an influential Dadan businessman of the upazila." I took to the streets with my wife and children. We have been homeless for several years for fear of arrest and Abdul Jalil's attack. Abu Naser said, "On May 20, 2014, I did not borrow Tk 213,000 from Abdul Jalil for business purposes." At that time I gave him a check to withdraw CC loan (cash credit) money. I personally repaid one lakh of the money borrowed from Jalil and completed the transaction with him through the Shibganj branch of Sonali Bank. There is evidence of it in the bank statement. But later Jalil filed a check case against Nazim, Alam and Sarwar, who had dealt with him, and asked me to give false witnesses in that case.

He threatened to sue me if I did not agree. Later, he filed a case against me by handing over a check of Rs. I was sentenced to nine months in that false case. ‘I have suffered financially for 10 long years because of this case. When I came to appear in the case, I was also attacked by Abdul Jalil in Mymensingh Zero Point area. Now I am living with four children, old parents and siblings. ' In response to a question, the victim Abu Naser said, Abdul Jalil is known as Dadan trader in the whole district including Gafargaon.

He has filed a case worth Tk 6 crore in the name of at least 20 people by putting his own money in the check. Like me, they too have fallen into the trap of false cases. Asked about the allegations, Abdul Jalil told Jago News, "I am a poultry trader." I am not involved with Dadan business. In the case that is being said, Abu Naser has been jailed and the court has ruled in my favor. Now they are lying against me for not paying. If I cheat, they can take legal action against me.

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