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The reason why mobile phone hangs

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  • 30 September, 2021 10:16:53

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News Desk: After buying a new phone and using it for a while, many people's phone is hanging. Again, some people's old phone hangs again and again. This is embarrassing to read. Find out why the phone hangs again and again.

Before you buy your phone, you need to know whether your phone has low RAM or not. Because the phone hangs again and again when the RAM memory is low. If the phone has less RAM, do not download heavier HD videos or games.

Maybe you don't know, multiple apps are running in the background on your phone. But the phone can hang. So go to the task manager and close all those apps. Many people use 3D wallpapers or live wallpapers on their phones.

But if these are on the phone, mobile storage is reduced, so this type of wallpaper can be one of the reasons for the phone to hang.

If the cache of internal memory is not cleared regularly, the memory storage starts getting full. Do not overuse the phone's storage. Use external storage instead.

If you open another app while working on an app, it will be a problem if your phone has less RAM. So do not open multiple apps at once.

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