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Dipzol's new movie got permission

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  • 17 September, 2021 15:31:52

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Entertainment desk: Popular producer of Dhaka cinema, actor Monwar Hossain Dipzal. He is making one movie after another even in this crisis of cinema. If you have taken several initiatives to return visitors Has started working on multiple movies.

One of them is 'This country is yours and mine'. The movie has recently received uncut clearance from the censor board. The production of the movie directed by FI Manik started a long time ago but due to some complications, the construction work was delayed. Eventually, the movie was submitted to the censor board. The censor board members watched the movie last Thursday (September 18). They admire its story and its content and construction style. Dipzol is very happy that the movie got uncut clearance. He said, 'The film has been made out of a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the society, family and above all the country. We tried to entertain the audience as well as give an awareness message about various irregularities.

Censor board members praised the movie. Our efforts have been successful. Moreover, I always want to make movies according to the minds of the audience. Let's try to tell a good story in the movie. Every one of my movies tells a story that captures people's emotions and feelings. ‘A Desh Tomar Amar’ is a different genre of movie. Its story has a solid foundation. Hopefully, the audience will see a good movie.

A bunch of stars have acted in the movie. There are many more including Mausumi, Romana, Anna. This is a star-studded movie. The movie will be released in due course.

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