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More than 10,000 deaths in a single day in the world

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  • 16 September, 2021 10:08:30

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News Desk: In the last 24 hours, both corona detection and death have increased in the world. The situation has deteriorated the most in the United States. Another 10,200 people have died in Corona in the last one day. The number of deaths has increased by about 1,400 as compared to the previous day. At the same time 5 lakh 72 thousand 474 patients have been identified. Compared to the previous day, the number of newly identified patients is about 52 thousand.

According to the latest data from World Meters, the number of deaths in Corona worldwide has risen to 48 lakh 63 thousand 471 people and the identified 22 crore 82 lakh 52 thousand 575 people.

The United States has had the highest number of deaths and injuries in the last 24 hours. At this time, 2,260 people have died in the country and 1 lakh 83 thousand 458 people have been found dead. With this, 6 lakh 75 thousand 19 people died in the country. So far more than 4 crore 46 lakh 69 thousand corona patients have been identified.

Mexico, the world's second-deadliest country, has seen 1,046 people die in the past day. At the same time, 2,929 new patients have been identified. As a result, the number of identified patients in the country so far stood at 35 lakh 26 thousand 982 people and the death toll stood at 2 lakh 89 thousand 15 people.

692 people have died in Russia in the last 24 hours. There, 18 thousand 741 people have been newly identified as Corona. The number of corona patients identified stood at 61 lakh 94 thousand 928 people and 1 lakh 95 thousand 41 people died.

Brazil ranks third in terms of corona identification and second in the list of deaths. In the last 24 hours, 693 people have died and 14,060 have been newly infected in the country. With this, the total number of identified patients in the country is 2 crore 10 lakh 34 thousand 610 people and 5 lakh 6 thousand 640 people have died.

In India, which ranks second on the list of victims, 432 people have died and 30,371 corona have been identified in the last one day. 3 crore 33 lakh 45 thousand 63 people have been affected in the country and 4 lakh 43 thousand 970 people have died.

So far, 69 lakh 26 thousand 704 people in France, 63 lakh 12 thousand 73 people in UK, 48 lakh 16 thousand 40 people in Italy, 7 lakh 36 thousand 690 people in Turkey, 49 lakh 22 thousand 249 people in Spain and 41 lakh 17 thousand 263 people in Germany. Infected with corona. On the other hand, 1,15,729 people have died of corona in France, 1,34,748 in the United Kingdom, 1,30,100 in Italy, 60,641 in Turkey, 85,738 in Spain and 93,397 in Germany.

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