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Crowds to take the second dose of mass vaccine at Chatmohar

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  • 09 September, 2021 09:39:31

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Chatmohar (Pabna) Correspondent: The second dose of Ganatika at the grassroots level will continue on Tuesday. Ordinary people who have taken the first dose have been crowding at the vaccination center since morning to get vaccinated at Chatmohar. However, there has been a lot of controversy in various centers about vaccinating someone before and after breaking the line. Moreover, the vaccination is done quite peacefully.

Earlier, on August 8, a total of 6,600 people in Chatmohar upazila were vaccinated with the first dose. This time they have been given the second dose, said the Upazila Health Officer. Doctors, nurses, village police, Ansar members, local people's representatives and volunteers including the police force spontaneously cooperated and their work ended peacefully.

Although there was an overflowing crowd of people coming to the vaccination center to get vaccinated, there was no interest among them to follow the hygiene rules. However, ordinary people are happy to be vaccinated. Salma Khatun, Abdur Razzak and Faridul Islam Khokon, who came for vaccination, said there was no problem after taking the first dose. So today came to take the second dose. They thanked the government for this.

Abu Bakkar Siddique, a member of Ward 2 of Mathurapur Union in the upazila, said the government's initiative to bring everyone under vaccination at the village level is undoubtedly commendable. We have collaborated at the field level. He demanded to bring more people on a larger scale in the future.

Shahnaz Khatun, a senior staff nurse at the Bahadurpur Government Primary School Vaccination Center, said the vaccination went well. The vaccination has been done without any quarrel about standing in line. People's interest in vaccination has been noticed.

Meanwhile, Chatmohar Upazila Health Officer Dr Omar Farooq Bulbul visited various immunization centers in Chatmohar from this morning. Civil Surgeon Dr. Monisar Chowdhury inspected the mass vaccination activities at Chatmohar at noon.

Expressing satisfaction over the mass vaccination activities, Dr. Omar Farooq Bulbul said that mass vaccination was given in 11 vaccination centers and 3 booths in each center of the upazila. There were 6 vaccinators and 99 volunteers in 11 vaccination centers. In addition, 22 supervising officers and 11 physicians were in charge of overall management. Dr. Omar Farooq thinks that the second dose of Ganatika has been completed with the cooperation of everyone.

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