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Shobar Dhaka App is getting popular by solving problems of citizens

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  • 25 August, 2021 14:07:11

Photo: CNI

News Desk: It is July 31st. A citizen from Lalmatia, Ahsan Habib Murad has posted information about two problems through “Shobar Dhaka App” with photographs attached. The first problem was the missing cover of a manhole in a roadside footpath. It is located in E Block, Shatmasjid Road. The manhole was marked by dirty branches of trees and other things. 

Second problem is a prolonging large hole in Lalmatia D Block Street. Here, the hole is filled with bamboo shoots and branches of trees to avoid accidental falls. The citizen sincerely has sent these problems with photos.  

The issues were resolved within three days after Ahsan Habib Murad posted the problems in “Shobar Dhaka app”. He shared this incident in a facebook group, “Citizen Journalism Bangladesh”. He expressed gratitude to the group and Dhaka North City Corporation.    

On behalf of “Manobotar Shurja Digonto” foundation Saiful Islam Siam has pointed a problem from Mirpur Sheorapara, Bindu Britto alley. He posted the problem in “Shobar Dhaka App”. 

Expressing his gratitude in Citizen Journalism Group he said that, his issue was also resolved by Dhaka North City Corporation. The citizen journalists has also shared relevant citizen reaction videos in this group. 

Netizens are praising these videos shared in Citizen Journalism Bangladesh group. Many of them has commented on the statuses. 

I feel inspired by this post, someone wrote. By the goodwill of Citizen Journalism Bangladesh and Shobar Dhaka app citizens are receiving facilities. Congratulations to the affiliated authority. Another person wrote, Witnessing hopeful examples every day. 

Now the question is, how to solve these problems permanently? People are discussing in the Citizen Journalism group. 

Sayem, a citizen journalist from Mirpur said, people must change their behaviors. 

Other city corporations are following this example spread by Citizen Journalism Bangladesh group. The concerned personnel are saying, citizen issues in any city corporation area can be easily resolved by notifying responsible authority through Shobar Dhaka App and Citizen Journalism Bangladesh group. 

For that all you need to do is, download the app “Shobar Dhaka” from google play store. After downloading the app you can let the responsible authority know about any of your problems. You can also join the catalyst group in Facebook “Citizen Journalism Bangladesh” and share your experience.  

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