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If the pressure suddenly drops, do it quickly

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  • 27 July, 2021 10:40:14

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News Desk: Many people suffer from low blood pressure. In this case, the blood pressure suddenly drops. As a result, various physical problems occur. In this case, the patient sees blurred vision, dizziness or even fainting.

Problems with hypotension or low blood pressure can be due to various reasons. Low blood pressure can also be caused by anxiety, pregnancy, side effects of medications, dehydration, anemia, malnutrition, low salt intake, etc.

If you suffer from low blood pressure for a long time; Then there may be temporary or permanent damage to your brain, heart or kidneys. So try to solve this problem from the beginning. There are several ways to control low blood pressure at home. Find out what to do -

Salt is a national food

Foods high in salt; They raise blood pressure quickly. So if you have high blood pressure, doctors say to avoid raw salt; Similarly, if the blood pressure is low, it is recommended to eat salty foods.

For this you can put olives, cheese, any marine fish in the diet. You can use table salt or sea salt in cooking as per your choice. In addition, mixing salt in a glass of water quickly lowers blood pressure.

Caffeine is the national food

Eating tea and coffee is not harmful to health at all! Unless it is sweet or milky. Drinking black coffee or tea increases heart rate quickly. Temporarily raises blood pressure. However, its effects are short-lived.

In addition, there is no guarantee that caffeine will increase blood pressure in all cases. If suddenly the pressure goes low and you feel sick; Then you can drink tea or coffee for temporary recovery.

There is no alternative to water

You have to drink water to save your life. However, it is mandatory to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated. As well as drinking liquid drinks, which will act as a water supplement.

When the body becomes dehydrated, the blood volume decreases. As a result, blood pressure decreases. So you can overcome the problem of low blood pressure by drinking enough water.

Eat beetroot juice

Beetroot, also known as a vegetable, can be eaten raw. This gorgeous red vegetable has many benefits. Beetroot can raise blood pressure quickly. So you can eat beet juice to overcome the problem of low blood pressure. In addition, you can put this vegetable in the diet every day.

Eat meals on time

Many people do not eat at meal time. This can cause the pressure to drop rapidly. Many eat lunch without breakfast; Eat at night without eating again at noon! If you eat in this way, your body will get sick instead of getting healthy.

This cannot be done if the blood pressure is low. Instead, practice eating five times in a 24-hour circle. The amount of food will not be too much. Blood pressure will also be under control.

Eat less carbs

In addition to losing excess weight, the body needs to eat less carbohydrates to stay healthy. In addition, processed carbohydrate foods can lower blood pressure. Several studies have shown that a low carb diet solves the problem of low blood pressure.

Tulsi has magic

Basil leaves are high in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Which helps keep blood pressure normal. It also contains an anti-oxidant called Ezinol, which controls blood pressure. This reduces the risk of low blood pressure and high blood pressure. So you can take basil leaf juice regularly.

Source: NDTV

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