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Eid at the dream address

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  • 21 July, 2021 13:11:03

Photo: CNI

News Desk: Under the Prime Minister's Asylum Project, 3,606 landless uprooted families have been given houses in nine upazilas of Faridpur at a cost of Tk 6 crore so far. Not only that, the land of that house has also been registered in their name.

There is still a little bit of housework left. Allocated people have already risen in many houses. This information has been known from Faridpur district administration sources. It has been found that the houses of the families who do not have land or houses have been found in these houses. That is why thousands of families who have found a place with a new house are enjoying this year's Eid Anand by getting a house with land. For Vita-homeless people, the matter is like a dream. Homeless people have found the address of their dreams. This Eid is a great joy for the residents of these 'dream cities'! To them, this Eid seems to have been caught as a double Eid. Eid address on the one hand and Eid on the other. Double happiness in every family. Like double Eid joy. Every house is like a dream address for the landless and homeless people, a place of absolute dependence.

The residents of these shelters project have been informed about their double Eid and happiness by visiting the dream address of the residents who have created new addresses in these houses. Rahela Begum, a 65-year-old widow of Sukdevnagar village in Chatul union of Boalmari upazila, is a resident of a dream address. "I never dreamed I would have my own house and land," he said. This is not the first time in my life that two Eids seem to be together. Abdus Samad Sheikh's wife Saleha Begum said, the life of a poor person like us ends on the way. Someone might ask, dial, give clothes in times of danger; But I have not heard of giving a house with land. Sheikh Hasina has made this arrangement for us. We are forever grateful to him. May Allah save him for a long time. ' On Tuesday (July 20th), a day-long tour of the 'Swapnanagar' area at various places in Faridpur revealed that red tin semipaka houses lined up on both sides of the road made the area even more enchanting. As if the sight does not escape the passers-by. These two-room houses have a kitchen, toilet and store room. Beneficiaries who have already grown up in the dream house given by the Prime Minister are spending their days happily with their children. Some have planted flowers and fruit trees in the yard for decoration. They are building separate and more necessary warehouses.

The children are playing. Women are busy tidying up their houses. Everyone is very happy. They expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. What could be happier than being able to work in the field all day and stay at home? At the same time, they wished long life and blessings to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. A woman named Nur Jahan Begum from Saltha area said, my husband drives a van. We used to live in another house with our four sons and daughters. I could not enjoy Eid in the next house Thai. Boys and girls could not laugh openly, could not play. This time the government has given me a house. I will celebrate Eid at home with great joy. Visiting the shelter project of Ibrahimdi village in Kanaipur of Sadar upazila, it is seen that 26 houses have been constructed in seven rows. Many people have already started living in the houses with their belongings. On Tuesday morning, it was seen that some of the residents were tidying the house and some were busy cooking.

Many people have already planted fruit and forest trees in the corner of the house. Faridpur Sadar Upazila Executive Officer. Masum Reza said that one day people who did not have an address, did not have a piece of land to live on, a roof over their heads, a two-room pucca house of the Asrayan project as a gift from the daughter of Bangabandhu's Prime Minister flooded every beneficiary and his family. A smile of satisfaction on their faces today. In the lives of many, this Eid has been captured as an Eid of absolute power, as if two happy joys have turned into a different festival together. Faridpur Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar said a new village called Swapnanagari has been set up in Alfadanga at the initiative of the local administration, where educational institutions, community clinics and hat bazaars have been set up for people's livelihood.

It is not a matter of expressing the feelings of helpless poor people in words. He added that these people are now dreaming of building their own lives. Dreaming of educating children. They have found a permanent address of their own. This has ensured their basic right to housing. "We are delivering food to their homes to deal with this Kovid-19 problem," he said. There is now a smile of satisfaction in the eyes of the residents of this shelter project. In the life of many, this Eid has been captured as an Eid of absolute power.

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