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Madrasa teacher fired for torturing 6-year-old student in Kurigram

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  • 21 April, 2021 15:59:51

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Kurigram Correspondent: Fighting has started across the district after the video of brutally beating an 8-year-old student in Kurigram went viral. After the two-minute and thirty-second video of the scuffle reached everyone's hands, the administration was shocked. The district police department has launched an investigation into the incident of education and brutal torture by setting up a madrasa in defiance of government directives. Madrasa authorities held an arbitration meeting with the student's guardian on Monday (April 19) afternoon to cover up the matter.

During the meeting, the teacher was expelled from the madrasa, said the madrasa authorities. But the accused teacher said that the matter has been rectified with punishment.

It is learned that on March 26, at the Dhebhebi Bazar Kulchum Qawmi Madrasa in Dhebhebi Bazar of Pathardubi Union in Bhurungamari Upazila of the district, the son of Motaleb Hossain, a resident of Dhebhebi Bazar and a businessman 6) Who beats inhumanely. He is a student of the second congregation of that madrasa. The 2 minute and 30-second video clip of the scuffle spread through social media shows Madrasa teacher Abu Saeed wearing a white Punjabi hat and reciting from a student.

He is sitting with a notebook in his left hand and a cane in his right hand. After a while, a teacher dressed in pink Punjabi is being whipped. Another white Punjabi student is beating a student with a cane, throwing his head down on the ground, and beating him in the backcountry. At one stage, the accused teacher got angry and grabbed the left hand of the student, and started beating him in pairs. Unable to bear the beating, the student shouted 'Ma'am'! Undeterred, the teacher continued to torture the child.

At this time the other students in the class became silent. A teacher or a student of that madrasa secretly recorded the incident of torture through a hole in the wall on his mobile phone and later spread it through social media. Motaleb Hossain, the father of the child victim, said on his mobile phone that he could recognize the boy by watching the video in the market. I was shocked to see the scene of brutal torture. I went home and found out from the boy that he had kept the matter a secret for fear of the lord.

This master has done the same with 3/4 more students. The lords can rule. However, such inhumane beatings should not have been. If the matter is reported to the madrasa authorities, they will solve it. The accused teacher Abu Saeed said that the incident took place about one and a half to two months ago. I have a little rule because the student was rude to me during the exam.

The madrasa authorities have corrected me with punishment. On the other hand, the headmaster of the madrasa Maulvi Abu Bakkar Siddique said that the accused teacher was the son of Habibur Rahman of Pathardubi Union. He has been teaching in a madrasa for a year and a half. A meeting was held on Monday (April 19) at 5 pm with the elder brother of the student.

During the meeting, he confirmed on his mobile phone that teacher Abu Saeed had been expelled from the madrasa. Kurigram Superintendent of Police Syeda Jannat Ara said, "We are looking into the matter." If the incident is found to be true, two cases will be filed against the teacher for disobeying the government's order to keep the madrasa running and child abuse.

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