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In Thakurgaon, the dream of a farmer is swaying in the wind

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  • 18 April, 2021 11:34:22

Photo: CNI

Thakurgaon Correspondent: In Thakurgaon, voter mocha is swaying in the wind and is maturing. As the days go by, the dreams of the farmers are increasing. Corn trees have grown and mocha has grown on the trees. The farmer's dream is drowning in that mocha. And it is as if the farmer's dream is swaying in the wind in the corn tree.

The corn kernels have matured in that mocha and in a few days, the desired crop of the farmer can be harvested at home. It is as if a flood of joy is flowing in the peasant family. There is a possibility of the bumper yield of different varieties of maize in 21 unions of Thakurgaon this season. Every year, the local farmers are getting more and more profit at a low cost as they do not get a fair price of paddy during the paddy harvesting season.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, farmers are more interested in cultivating maize than wheat as the profit is more than the cost of production. This time maize has been planted in 43650 (ongoing) hectares of land in this Upazila.

As maize yield is higher than other crops, farmers are showing great interest in cultivating maize along with paddy and wheat. Farmers in Thakurgaon have said that bumper crop of maize will be harvested this season due to intensive care and fewer pests due to planting of early varieties of maize on the advice of the Agriculture Office.

Some farmers said that they are more inclined to cultivate maize as an alternative crop in the hope of making more profit at a lower cost as it is more profitable than paddy and other crops. They are dreaming of more profit by cultivating this maize. The farmers hoped that if the weather was good and favorable, the crop would be available as a result of maize cultivation and the money earned by selling the crop would be enough to spend a few months with family members.

Upazila Agriculture Officer, agriculturist Md. Abu Hossain told reporters that maize is a lucrative and highly profitable crop. In addition to human food, the use of maize as fish, poultry, and cattle feed has increased and its demand has also increased a lot.

The interest in maize cultivation is increasing day by day as the cost of maize cultivation is low but the yield is good and the price is high. Hopefully this year there will be a bumper crop of maize in this Upazila.

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